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  • Posted in: General Discussion

    I was so happy to see that the TSHP Seminar is at Moody Gardens, in Galveston!  I had registered in January for the April seminar and now it shows that ...

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  • Posted in: Pharmacy Management

    Hello, I am currently looking for an ACPE accredited place to get a Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique (SCAT) and horizontal and/or vertical ...

  • Posted in: Pharmacy Management

    On USP 800 -- how are  others handling the need to split tablets?  (packaging half tabs?, pt specific doses?) On USP 800 -- any thought on if drawing up ...

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    RE: Pain Resources

    Posted in: General Discussion

    Jacy, Thank you for your question and apology for the late response. ASHP has a pain management toolkit website where they post pharmacotherapy and practice ...


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