How Motherhood Transforms Your Life Completely

By Jack Larson posted 06-13-2021 10:29 PM


Motherhood gives you more adventure and spontaneity in your life. Sometimes kids come up with some crazy, wild ideas and sometimes it’s just fun to roll with them. As a mom, you see the inherent good in your child, the love when you didn’t think you could love them even more and the joy when they learn new things. Let’s take a look at how motherhood transforms your life completely.

You master the art of multitasking

If you are capable of bearing a child, you will also be able to enhance your multitasking skills. It doesn’t matter if you struggled to multitask in the past because you will be required to practice multitasking every single day. Pretty soon, you will simultaneously learn how to breastfeed, eat a snack, order groceries from Amazon Prime, and talk on the phone to your family and friends.

You will be able to accomplish things you used to do in a week within an afternoon. This is an unstoppable force you never imagined you had with you.

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Your priorities change completely

Life with a child brings a richness that is more important than the fear of losing your own identity. While pregnant, you have time to think and worry about losing your identity, but the moment the child arrives, the worries also come to an end because life is happening. 

You will get a new perspective on your routines, your housework, your friendships, and also your marriage. This is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, redirect your priorities, and take control of your happiness.

It inspires you to be a better person

There is solid scientific proof that after becoming a mother, you are not the same person anymore. You quickly realize the most important aspects of your life and you get to take responsibility for them. You will have to learn to get things done during the day and focus more on your passions

In addition to setting your priorities right, you become compassionate. You become aware of the rest of the world and become more selfless and focus on your growth. You are guaranteed to strive to be a better version of yourself.

Your friendships deepen

Not every friend you meet becomes a lifelong pal. This is because motherhood takes up a chunk of your time such that you will only make time for friends who are worth it. Friends who make feet in your limited time will give you a chance to experience some of the most memorable moments of your lives together.

 As the circle of your friends becomes smaller, the quality of your friendship strengthens and you will lean on each other in ways you couldn’t imagine.

You learn to be patient

Patience, one of the most important virtues in life, is not cultivated in modern culture. Motherhood will test your ability to keep calm more times than you can imagine. Just like many people today, patience may not be inherent, which is why motherhood enhances this virtue.

You will have to learn to be patient in many ways if you want to raise emotionally intelligent humans. Although it’s not an easy skill to master, you will figure it out in time. It is also a skill that you can inculcate in other areas of your life.