Overcoming the Loneliness and Fear of Old Age in Your 70s

By Jack Larson posted 04-19-2021 11:40 PM


Hitting the 70 age mark sure brings about health issues, feelings of loneliness, and depression as one starts to stay at home often and loses touch with friends and family. At such an age, moving ahead to making new connections and relations also seem difficult. However, this does not mean that one has to necessarily spend time alone and stay indoors with feelings that consume positive energy each passing day. 


It totally depends on each person to make something good from what life offers, and that must not stop even at old age. Are you looking for some tips and ways that can help you feel better? Read on:


Be independent even in your 70’s 


Financial independence is a boost to one’s self-confidence and reflects positively on thoughts. Make a smart plan well ahead of time so that you can cover all your finances. It is not easy to think in the direction of covering even for your funeral needs, but it is important after you hit a certain age. 


To live a truly content and fulfilling life, make sure that you even cover for burial. A simple Colonial Penn 9.95 monthly cover is sufficient and will help you cover even your post-life finances and let you live with life in peace each day. Read up more about the insurance policies from Colonial Penn on Insuranceforfinalexpense.com and make smart life decisions. 


Inculcate a sense of purpose 


Your life is yours till the end. Even if you are turning older by the day, that does not mean you lead a depressing life. The key to happiness is finding your purpose and doing it each day. Indulge in activities that make you happy. 


Find a community of similar people, talk to them and plan visit days and fun activities together. Friendship is possible at any age if you have the zeal for it. Do not give up and find people with whom you can relate with. 


Pick up a daily chore 


The body is highly trainable, so keep in mind that the brain never gets old. If you are feeling depressed or lonely, get u from your bed and do a chore that you like. Maybe, go for a morning walk and buy fresh fruits and vegetables on your way. This is a good way to keep your body moving and keeping a fresh and positive perspective in life. 


Pick up old and lost hobbies that you once enjoyed as a young adult but gave up due to work or a busy schedule. As a matter of fact, pick any daily chore that you like, and feel the change every day. 


Take professional help if needed 


Depression and anxiety are common with old age. It can be treated and taken care of with professional help. Reach out to your children or family members, and take help if you need it. 


Professional therapists also help a great deal and with proper care and attention, you can bounce back to positive living. Do not give up at any point, for your life is still yours to lead, so why not live it with happiness? 


Consider home care or relocate 


In many cases, families live away from the elderly, and that does become a major reason why loneliness trickles in and gets stronger by day if not taken care of. If you can, look at relocating or frequently visiting your children and grandchildren. 


Keeping in the company of your loved ones is the best drug to happiness and feeling of content. Make regular visits if relocation is not an option. Do not hesitate to seek their help because you were there for your kids when they needed you and they surely understand this from the core of their heart.